Author: admin / Date: 14-09-2012 /

Pinnacle Health Partnership LLP was established in 2009 and in its first 3 years of existence has become one of the most pro-active agencies in developing health services. Its main area of activity has been to constantly seek innovation and new ways of working so that it can support the continuously developing needs of the public for healthier lifestyles.
Pinnacle Health's philosophy of a practical approach combined with attention to detail is based on a successful track record in delivering effective solutions that work for providers and patients alike. Working together to understand our partners’ needs is of paramount importance to us. We can define, develop and deliver specific projects, campaigns and service activities that produce sustainable, manageable solutions.
The Pinnacle Health Partners bring a wealth of experience in community pharmacy and project management guaranteeing that we can respond to your requirements in a flexible and cost effective way.
Together, we have a unique array of strengths, skills and experience that bring huge benefit to the services that we offer and to our clients.