Pinnacle as a Social Enterprise

Author: admin / Date: 22-01-2014 /

Formed in 2009 Pinnacle Health LLP is a partnership built on the social enterprise model. By definition, a social enterprise is an organisation that applies commercial strategies to maximise improvements in human and environmental well-being, rather than maximising profits for external shareholders. Social enterprises can be structured as for profit or non-profit. Pinnacle Health LLP is a not for profit organisation that aims to re-invest surplus revenues to achieve its main goals and objectives. Remuneration for the Partners is either arranged at a day rate or salaried and, as a Limited Liability Partnership, taxed at their personal tax rate.

From its inception Pinnacle Health LLP has operated to achieve:

  1. The development of service commissioning through community pharmacy;
  2. The gathering of evidence to demonstrate the value of such services; and
  3. Support commissioners to develop services using a fixed pricing structure, removing the barrier of cost.

To date significant investment has been made by the partnership to develop PharmOutcomes, a web-based data capture system that started life as ESMAQ in 2009. The system has developed to allow the capture and storage of patient data and the main feature of the system is that when patient facing data is saved it populates a live audit of service that is available to the service commissioner, thereby providing real time data. The system also auto-creates an invoice for the service provider that is auto-extracted at a fixed point in the month, allowing focus to be on service provision rather than administration of claims.

Recognising our responsibilities as a social enterprise and when surplus revenues are identified the partnership re- invests in the development of community pharmacy as a profession. Examples of the latter to date include:

  • The development of several business cases for PSNC that can be made available to support LPCs in their discussions with local commissioners or NHS England. These include seasonal influenza and minor ailments and are supported with large data sets that are relevant to each area of England.
  • Provision of commissioner support on a free of charge basis to ensure services are created to meet the needs of the commissioner and provider alike. This ensures ongoing support for service commissioning and delivery. PharmOutcomes comes with a large library of services that have been developed by the partnership. These services can be imported and adjusted accordingly by commissioners to ensure that all local needs are met.
  • Pinnacle Health has supported the introduction of awards through re-investment. These awards aim to support community pharmacy service development. Recently the partnership working with PSNC has developed a dementia strategy document and incentivised Local Pharmacy Committees and groups to think about the ways pharmacy teams can support patients and carers of patients suffering with dementia.
  • The partnership regularly organises and supports many local MasterClass events to broaden the understanding and awareness of the potential of community pharmacy together with PharmOutcomes functionality, including how this can support commissioners and providers alike to support their needs. These events are run at venues across England at no cost to attendees.
  • Initiation of partnership working with academic institutions to analyse data and create validated reports to support the evidence base for pharmacy integration.
  • Plans are being developed to create an app that will be free of charge for community pharmacies to use to allow both domiciliary use of PharmOutcomes and to support training needs.

If commissioner, providers or interested parties would like a PDF version of the latest credentials, they can download it here.