About Us

Our Background

Pinnacle Health Partnership LLP was established in 2009 by two practising pharmacists frustrated by the paucity of information for that sector.

The pharmacy staff are really impressed with the new system and I have nothing but positive feedback about how easy it is to use. Thank you for getting it all done in time and putting up with my panic phone calls and emails.

Local Authority

Since then the company has grown significantly and has developed a reputation as one of the most proactive companies in the commissioning sector.

We established a sister company, Pinnacle Systems Management Ltd, in 2014 to lead on software development. The two companies work as one on a day to day basis.

We constantly seek new and innovative ways of working. We partner extensively with Clinical Commissioning Groups, Local Authorities, Local Pharmaceutical Committees, NHS England, the NHS Academic Health Science Networks and private sector organisations and we continually develop and refine our products and services based on that work.

Our philosophy is of a practical approach combined with attention to detail where it matters. We can get real world services up and running within days, or even hours, and we pride ourselves on being fun and easy to do business with.

Our Staff

We believe in great software design but we believe in professional excellence more.

Our core market historically has been community pharmacy and we currently employ three pharmacists and three pharmacy technicians on our staff.

As the local authority market has grown we have successfully recruited senior level staff from that sector.

Given the importance we attach to information governance and data security, we have a fully GDPR accredited board level manager who leads on those areas with a passion.

And of course we have great experts in software development as well as an astonishingly good customer service team.

Can I say thank you for all your support and to your colleagues, I have never come across an agency with as excellent customer services

NHS Foundation Trust

We will continue to recruit new staff from appropriate professional disciplines as we grow in to new sectors, ensuring we maintain our unique array of strengths, skills and experience.

Have to say PharmOutcomes makes life quite easy

NHS England Area Team

Our Core Values

Pinnacle was founded on the principles of a social enterprise, applying commercial strategies to maximise improvements in human and environmental well-being rather than maximising profits for external shareholders.

We have moved beyond our original community pharmacy focus but we remain true to our core beliefs of gathering data to enable evidence based practice and of supporting commissioners by keeping our prices as affordable as possible.

I have finally had a chance to look at the invoicing and data on PharmOutcomes. I am blown away by the ease and simplicity of retrieving the information... It's fab!

Local Authority

We also hold true to the principles of social enterprise, re-investing surplus revenues where we can to achieve our overall goal of enabling innovative solutions that lead to sustainable improvements in health and social care.

I don't know what I would have done without PharmOutcomes!

National Charity