PharmOutcomes use of NHS Digital Services

Personal Demographics Service

PharmOutcomes has gained NHS Digital approval to connect to the NHS Personal Demographics Service (PDS).

The PDS is the national electronic database of NHS patient details and holds information such as name, address, gender, date of birth and NHS number. It does not hold clinical data.

When a Clinical Service Provider, such as a pharmacist, sees a patient, they can enter basic patient details on PharmOutcomes. The system will do an automatic search of the PDS based on that information and retrieve the remaining data needed. Typically this means the search returns the NHS number and other demographic information not used as part of the search.

Every access to the PDS is logged and it is only possible to search on the basis of information already known by the Clinical Service Provider.

Adding the ability to search for matched records in the PDS make it quicker and easier for Clinical Service Providers to enter patient information into PharmOutcomes It also reduces the risk of data entry errors.

View Technical Conformance Certificate.