How We Sell

We do not have a sales team as we prefer to let our products and services speak for themselves.

We do however have an exceptional Professional Services Team headed up by Kevin Noble, one of the managing partners of the business.

Kevin and the team would be happy to discuss your needs and advise on how we might be able to help with no pressure and no obligation.

They can do on-line demonstrations and site visits and would be happy to provide references to other customers with similar requirements on request.

For more information, please email or give us a call on 0345 450 6279.

How We Price

We aim to keep our prices as low as possible and to do that we use a standard pricing model for all our products except where bespoke work has been requested.

This simplifies the procurement process for customers and enables customers to be confident they are getting the best deal we can offer.

A single service subscription for PharmOutcomes starts at just £1,888. A multiple service licence which allows commissioners to build and run an unlimited number of services starts at just £4,660.

We include all the available functionality for our product in our pricing so that you can be confident that what you see in our demonstrations is what you will get.


As part of our broad commitment to the NHS and patient care in general, PharmOutcomes utilises services provided by NHS Digital and others where appropriate. As these become available you can view our certificates of conformity here.


PharmOutcomes (which also comes branded as Outcomes4Health for non-pharmacy commissioners) is our core product.

  • It provides an easy way for Healthcare Commissioners to commission and manage services from Clinical Service Providers (such as pharmacies and opticians) and includes paperless activity reports and invoice management.
  • It enables Clinical Service Providers to record contact with patients, make automatic notifications to GPs and provide real-time activity information and billing to Commissioners.

PharmOutcomes Logo

Hospital E-Referrals

When a patient with complex needs is discharged from hospital, with their consent we collect information from the hospital's IT system and make it available to the patient's chosen pharmacy. This enables the pharmacy to provide follow up reviews and support. Independent evidence shows that this significantly reduces the number of patient readmissions and can save the NHS £millions.

Bridge the Gap

NHS 111 Referrals

When a patient calls the NHS 111 telephone service, staff there can refer a patient to a local pharmacy where appropriate. With the appropriate consent, we collect information from the NHS 111 IT system and make it available to the patient's chosen pharmacy enabling the patient to get fast, local help and reducing pressure on A&E and GP practices.

NHS Referrals Pharmacy

Contract Manager

PharmOutcomes / Outcomes4Health includes everything a commissioner needs to manage directly recorded service provisions. Contract Manager provides additional functionality for those customers who also need the ability to integrate manually collected data and data from other systems.

Contract Manager


PharmAlarm is a great little device that flashes when PharmOutcomes / Outcomes4Health receives a referral or other notification. It's perfect for busy pharmacies or anyone else who just wants to know when there is a notification that needs attention without having to keep signing in to check.

PharmAlarm Device

Video Hosting

Many organisations want to be able to share instructional videos and other material but can't use YouTube or other sites because their provider PCs are "locked down" to prevent access to these sites. When we host videos, users can access material using their normal system log-in.

Video Camera


Pass-Through Payment

For busy commissioners with limited resources, we offer a hassle-free service where we pay providers for services delivered leaving the commissioners with just one invoice to pay.

Systems Integration

We believe passionately in sharing information to improve healthcare delivery and outcomes as long as the the appropriate consents and controls are in place. Our integration experts can help solve most problems to enable information to flow seamlessly.


We provide all the support necessary to get commissioners up and running. Our products can then be used without the need for any additional assistance from us. For those who want something more we offer a range of services.